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Manage Customer List

Communication with customers is critical. It is vital that you ensure your messages are not classified as SPAM (this means your message is both unsolicited and in bulk). If the recipient has agreed to receive the email, it is NOT considered spam. It is recommended to obtain a verifiable confirmation e-mail from the recipient of the opt-in.


  1. Select �Empty my Mailing List� to remove all the details from your mailing list.
  2. It is possible �Export Mailing List� to Excel. A message window will open � click on �OK�.

    Tip: The mailing list details can now be used to create personalized communications by using Mail Merge in Word.

  1. Should you no longer wish to allow customers to join your mailing list, select �Disable members from joining the mailing list from your website�.

Tip: Once the mailing list has been disabled, you can enable customers to join again, by selecting �Enable members to join the mailing list from your website�.

It is also possible to make the following changes to your customer list:

  1. Upload multiple customer records with CSV Upload.
  2. Add individual to add new customers to your mailing list.
  3. Manage Groups to assist you to better manage your customer mailing list.
  4. View Mailing List to view the people on your mailing list.


  • Try to keep your communications short and to the point.
  • Include most critical information � people are busy and don�t always have time to read pages and pages of details � keep in mind the value adds for your customers.

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