About Kwikweb

Kwikwap / Kwikweb is a South African born company that was started in 2005 by three entrepreneurs (two software whizzkids and a creative chartered accountant). Initially the company specialized in mobile business applications. In 2006 Kwikwap started developing an online and mobile tool for schools and organizations to manage their websites. Pretty soon we saw the need for a normal PC version of the software.

Kwikwap has grown leaps and bounds and as at December 2015 Kwikwap has 12 permanent staff employed at head office in Cape Town, it has 15 franchisees and loads of resellers (consultants and sales agents) all over South Africa. We also have representatives in Australia, Namibia and Botswana.

Our focus has always been that the system must be easy (all the while being very powerful). Kwikwap believes in being fair to their resellers and clients. We are more interested in having happy users than making money.

Our system consists of modules that have all been developed by ourselves. This ensures 100% compatibility and no risk of viruses. Our modular system (and generous nature) enables us to give you a very affordable fixed priced website.

The Kwikwap distribution and support model will ensure that users always have at least three dedicated persons who can assist them.

Kwikwap builds many websites every day and that is what we do. We do not try and sell ADSL, bandwith or other things that are not part of our core business (which is simply just this, websites).


Enough said, now come on and try us.


Ever wondered how we build our websites? Get the scoop here:

We can assure you, we don’t take what people ask us to do lightly. People ask us to build them a beautiful website in a minute, it could be their first step to a first page Google ranking, and that’s a VERY big deal to us.

Don’t believe us?

When someone presses the 'Create Website' button a buzzer goes off in our office. Our entire team can hear it, and when it goes off everyone smiles.

Chris, our chief techy dude, shouts "Boom Shakalaka!" and Eduard, our CEO, does 5 burpees. We don’t know why he does this, but for some reason he does 5 burpees each time the buzzer goes off. It's been going on too long for us to ask him about it now.

Chris presses a BIG red button, and a large clock on the office wall starts counting down from 1 minute and our geeks get to work.

We need to be honest, the process isn’t pretty, but you'd not expect the work required to build a custom site in just one minute to be calm and graceful would you?

On average, each time we build a website, we break 13 keyboards. We work those bad boys HARD.

As we hit the final 10 seconds, Chris and Eduard gather around the geeks, nervously eyeing the clock. Their presence only adds to the sense of drama.

Sometime between 57 and 59 seconds the geeks get the job done. The skeleton of the site is created and we hand it over to our designers, who use our patented Website Ideas Suction Engine (WISE) to fully understand how our user wishes their site to look and feel.

Like Michelangelo, our website designers know that true beauty only comes from hard work and endeavour and they deliver beautiful websites every single time. They know that should they fail, Chris will put them in a headlock until they get it right.

When the designers are done, we proudly deliver our utter awesomeness to our lovely users who can choose their very own unique and memorable domain name to home their gorgeous new Kwikweb site.

Chris does 5 celebratory burpees, and we all hit the office beer fridge and enjoy a well-earned cold one.

Then the buzzer goes again and we get to work again. No rest for the wicked!


About Eduard Marais

Eduard is the CEO and Co-founder of Kwikweb.

He looks after business development, strategic direction and planning, negotiating and pays special attention to shaping the business culture.

Eduard is passionate about the ever changing environment of web design and publishing, and gets excited about optimising the software to stay abreast of trends - be it design,  Google's ever changing search algorithms or providing clients with a full spectrum of plugins to suite all online business needs.

Eduard hails from a family of Chartered Accountants and is himself a qualified CA, a career he invested 13 years into. Prior to starting Kwikweb he crafted his financial and analytical skills at leading auditing firms like PwC and Grant Thornton and spent four years as the Financial Director of a Botswana mine.

When he's not working, you may find him jogging, playing around with his camera, fishing, camping in Botswana, hosting a soiree or enjoying a glass of wine at one of the many farms or restaurants in the Stellenbosch wine valley.  


About Chris Fahy

Chris is the Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder of Kwikweb.

Chris first started developing the Kwikweb system while in his second year of university, 12 years ago, and understands the technical aspects of the system better than anyone.

He is happiest when testing systems or writing code, and seeing his changes implemented across thousands of websites with the touch of a button. As such, Chris is still actively involved with developing, maintaining the MySQL databases, troubleshooting and quality assurance.

Chris’s vision is for the company to become an industry leader in online marketing and website publishing.

When he’s not coding or looking after systems, he’s enjoying the great outdoors with his family and their Great Dane, Belgian Shepherd, cat, spiders and snake.