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On some Kwikwap templates there is a place for a scrolling announcement to appear on your website. This is the module where you add or edit the contents of this functionality.

1.  Type a "Subject" which will display as a heading for your announcement.

2.  Enter the content you want to have scrolling on your web page. Remember that you can add pictures, graphics, and change the text font, style and colours as well in the announcement "edit box". (See "Website Content Editor" in the online help function to learn more about the "content editor" and the "edit box".)

3.  You can set the scrolling speed of the announcement by clicking on this dropdown menu.

4. Click this button to update your announcement.

If you have entered content in your announcement, but nothing displays on your web page, please check that the TEMPLATE you are using (which you select under the "Look & Feel" category, does include the functionality to display an announcement.

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