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QR Codes



QR codes or Quick Response codes are square dots arranged in a square pattern on a white background. Unlike the older one-dimensional barcode that was designed to be mechanically scanned by a narrow beam of light, the QR code is detected as a 2-dimensional digital image and can be read a lot easier, a lot quicker and by a variety of software programs or applications designed to work with most smartphones and smartphone cameras.

QR codes are created from long url's that are difficult to remember and cumbersome to type into the internet browser of a smartphone. By simply scanning a QR code with an appropriate reader on a smartphone, the user is automatically taken to the url destination without having to open the web browser on the phone or typing in the url.



  1. It is very easy to create a QR Code from a url. Just copy and paste the url that you want to generate a QR Code for, in the block provided in the QR Code module
  2. Click the GENERATE button to create the QR Code
  3. The QR Code that is created can be saved by right clicking on it and saving it as an image.
  4. This image can now be added on newsletters, fliers, brochures etc. to create a quick link to your url



To test your QR Code you will need to download an application onto your smartphone that will allow you to scan the QR Code. You can search for these applications in the app store of your specific smartphone, or go to and download a free QR code scanning application.

Just follow the scanning instructions of the application that you install to scan and test your QR Code.

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