Website Editing Guide

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Business Information

Your business information can be updated here, as well as the information used in Google searches. Some of the website set-ups are maintained here, e.g. language, etc.


  1. Company Password: The password for your website is displayed here. Change the password when necessary.
  2. Company Name: Your company name.
  3. Company Slogan: You can update the company slogan.
  4. Main Description: The information entered here is very important, as it is being used by Google for searches.
  5. Tip: Click here to view further information about the details in the main description.
  6. Website: Enter your company website address.
  7. Language: Select your website default language.
  8. Website Status: Choice between a normal website (1st choice) and/or mobile website (2nd choice). When you are busy updating your website, you can select the 3rd choice – which will result in “Under Construction” showing on the front page of your website.
  9. Website Bar Setting: Indicate which additional options should be available on your website.
  10. Display Agent details: Indicate whether you want your agent details for the website to be displayed.
  11. Upload favicon.ico: Click on “Browse” to select the relevant favicon (optional) and click on “Open”.
  12. Make a favicon.ico: Click on this link to create your own favicon icon for your website.
  13. Remove favicon.ico: Flag the checkbox to remove the favicon icon.
  14. Click on “UPDATE”. The following message will be displayed: Thank you, we have updated your business information.
  15. To publish the changes on your website, select “PUBLISH ALL CHANGES”.

  • The company code is the same code you use to log into your website.
  • Recommendation: Select a password that has a minimum of eight characters and consists out of alpha (e.g. a), numeric (e.g. 5), special characters (e.g. *) and includes sentence case (e.g. Kw).
  • When you are busy making changes to the website, make use of the “Under Construction” option in 8 - an "Under Construction" page will be displayed. Once you are done, update the website status. Once the changes have been published, wait a minute or so for the change to take affect.
  • Favicon icons’ size need to be exactly right, otherwise they won’t work.

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