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Template Colours

Template Colours

This is where you change the default colours used on your website. Because the colours you may choose for your traditional (accessed from computers) website may not display optimally on mobile devices, like cellphones and PDAs, you have the option to set the colours on your "mobi" site by overriding some of the settings for your traditional website.

How to change colours

  1. Move the vertical "slide ruler"  (the two arrow heads on the sides of the vertical colour bar to the right of the colour box) until the range of colours displayed in the colour box contains the colour you are looking for.
  2. Use your mouse to select a precise colour from the colour box.
  3. Check your selection in the small display square on the far right.
  4. When you are happy with the colour selected, click on the field you want to apply this colour to (e.g. "Website text colour"  or "Background colour").
  5. Now click on the "Apply colour" button below the colour box.


If you know the "HSB", "RGB" or 6-digit HEX code of your required colour, you can enter the values directly into the appropriate areas. (Your graphic artist can supply you with the colour codes of your logo/business cards, etc.) You can also use a "colour picker" program to determine the exact colour codes you are looking for.


Once you have completed all your colours and default text fonts/sizes, remember to click the "UPDATE" button on the top of the window. Failing to do this before selecting "Close window" will discard your changes!

After you have made a change, you can click on the "refresh preview" button to see the effect of your changes. If you don't like it, you can go back and make changes, until you are happy with the new look of your website. Remember to click on "Publish Changes" to save your changes and update your live website. 


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