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Change Template

Change template
To Change the template of your website click on the 'Design' button in the management portal then select either the Basic or the Intermediate Design Tool:


Next you need to select the Change Template Icon on the left menu bar:

You will be presented with the window shown below. You can select the template of your choice by double clicking it.

Also note on the bottom right of the template picture you will see either a red X or a blue arrow. The red X (indicated by red arrow below) show that  these particular templates does not support Drop Down Menus. The blue arrow (indicated by the green arrows below) are to show these templates DO support Drop Down Menus.



The best way to find the template that is most suited to your website, is to first (at least partly) populate the content of the different pages of your website, and then to try out the different templates to see if they serve your needs.



Changing between templates will NOT let you lose any information. For example: if you have set up an announcement, and change to a template that does not display an announcement, the contents of your announcement will not be deleted. It will be displayed intact when you change back to your previous template or a different template that supports the announcement feature.




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