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Member Only area

With the member only area additional module you can restrict access to certain parts of your website to members only.

Once the module is activated and published, the member login page is automatically activated on your website. You can then add custom pages under the member only area, or add any of the following additional modules:

  • Accommodation Booking Module
  • Appointment Booking Module
  • Vehicles Module
  • Bike Module
  • Boat Module
  • Events Calendar
  • Data Sheet Module
  • Documents and Brochures
  • Estate Agent Module
  • FAQs
  • Photo Gallery
  • Additional Pages
  • Loan Application Module
  • Newsletter
  • Specials and promotions
  • Forum

1.  Select the radio button of the module you want to activate in the member area.

2. Click the UPDATE button to add the selected modules to the meber area.

You can add surveys to the protected pages in the survey's management area. Also note that only modules that have been activated will sho.


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