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Photo Gallery


Activating this module allows you to display scrolling photo albums on your "Photo gallery" page. When a visitor clicks on an album, they are then taken to a page where thumbnails of all the pictures in the album are displayed. Your website visitor can then click on any of the pictures to see the full size of the selected photograph.


If you have not yet loaded any photo albums, you will need to "Add a new album"

If you have albums loaded on your website, they will be listed here.


From the displayed albums, you can select to:

  • In the "Action" column
Edit album name and description.
Delete the album.
Change the sequence in which the albums are displayed by selecting the UP or DOWN ARROWS to change the album's position.
  • In the "Album Name" column

Click on the album name to add, edit or delete photos.
Move photos to another album on your website.
View or delete comments left on your site about the photos.


The procedure to load albums and photos onto your "Photo gallery" page is as follows:

  1. You need to create an album.
  2. Now you can add photos to your created album.
  3. You may add comments and descriptions to your photos.
  4. If you wish, you can enable visitors to add comments to your photos.
  5. There are options to choose how your ALBUMS are displayed.
  6. You can select how the pictures are displayed within each album.

(See the various sub-sections of the "Photo Gallery" online help to get more information on the topics listed above.)



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