Website Editing Guide

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Upload a new Document (PDF, MS Word)

Here you will upload new documents & brochures to your web page.

1.  Click on the "Browse" button. Select a file to upload from your hard drive, and click on "Open". Your file will now be uploaded to the Kwikwap server in order to be displayed on your website. 

2.  Now type in a "File name" in the appropriate text box.

3.  Enter the descriptive text and supporting graphics that you want to display on your web page to tell the visitor what they can expect to read about in this document in the "edit box".

4.  If you have many documents that can be divided into different categories, you can allocate documents to fall together under "Groups". Once you selected a document to be uploaded, and entered a file name and a description in the "edit box", you can allocate the document to be displayed under a group. Just start typing in a group name in the  "File group" field. If the group has already been created, you can select it from the list of suggested options that will drop down. 

5.  Click this function if you want to allocate your document to the product page.

6.  Click on the "UPLOAD" button to upload and allocate your document.

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