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Add Alternate pages via email

With this function you are able to add Alternate Pages to your website by emailing the information to

In order for the system to place the details you are emailing, on your website, you have to send the email from the email address that is listed in the Email Address field of Business Information in the Admin & Reports Section of your website.

  • This function will not work if this field is blank or if you send the email from a different email address.
  • This function will also not update an existing alternate page on the website.
  • If an alternate page with the same name as the subject of the email you are sending, already exist on your website, this function will not work
  • Make sure that the total size of the email you are sending does not exceed 4MB

You need the following information about your alternate page to use this function

  • The name of the alternate page
  • One image in jpg, jpeg, gif or png format that is smaller than 1MB
  • Content for your alternate page

Follow these steps to upload a product to your website by sending an email:

  1. Open your favourite email program
  2. Make sure that the email will be sent from the same email address that is listed in the Email Address Field of Business Information in the Admin & Reports Section of your website.
  3. Send the email to
  4. Use the name of your alternate page as the subject of your email
  5. Attach the alternate page image as a normal attachment to the email
  6. Input the content of your alternate page as the body of the email
  7. Send the email when you have entered all the above information

In about two minutes you will receive an automated email from Kwikweb Auto Emails. This will be an indication that your alternate page successfully been added to your website

  • The alternate page will not be added to any groups. You will need to do this manually
  • Only 1 image per alternate page can be uploaded
  • Any rich text elements that are included in the body of the email will automatically be transferred to the alternate page. These can be but are not limited to the following:
    • Bold, Italic, Underline etc.
    • Tables
    • Links
    • Images etc.
  • Any previous edited settings set up under Advanced Options will automatically apply to the new product
  • You do not need to log in to your website to publish the changes for the new product to show on your website. The product will automatically be published and will be visible on your website as soon as you receive the confirmation email from the system

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