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Developing your Kwikwap Consultancy business

This topic of developing your Kwikwap Consultancy falls under the scope of Business Coaching.

Business Coaching seems to be the new buzzword or profession where similar to a coach of a sports team; a business coach will coach the team members of a business. In most instances successful Kwikwap consultancies operate in a team environment where the different functions of sales and designs are performed by different people. Only in rare instances will one person be able to perform all the different functions well enough to be regarded as a successful Kwikwap consultancy.

To be a successful Kwikwap Consultant you need to be a successful entrepreneur.

Some people say successful entrepreneurs are born and that it is a skill which cannot be learned.

In South Africa, where good employment opportunities are few, the need to be “reborn” as an entrepreneur is unavoidable if you want to attain a decent standard of living and provide for yourself and your family.

Kwikwap offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to gain financial freedom by having repeating customers and passive recurring revenue.

We hope this article will assist those entrepreneurs who have started with Kwikwap (or are considering Kwikwap) as a business opportunity.

This article will look at how to develop or grow your Kwikwap Consultancy into a profitable business in South Africa.

What does a Kwikwap Consultant do?

Kwikwap Consultants run their own small web design agencies.

Their revenue is derived from:

  • Initial fees charged for the design, set up of a Kwikwap website and training the website owner in the use of the Kwikwap CMS (Content Management System)
  • Sharing in the monthly hosting fees as long as they are willing and able to offer the minimum prescribed support to their Kwikwap clients, as described in the Kwikwap client charter
  • Training new Kwikwap consultants in the use of the system

These are the standard income received when owning a Kwikwap Consultancy.

Other services which a Kwikwap Consultant may offer include:

  • Website Copy Writing services
  • SEO Consulting Services
  • Domain registration
  • SEO Reporting Services
  • Website Photography
  • Graphic design (advanced website graphics and graphics for posters and business cards)
  • CSS Stylesheet customisation
  • Bulk uploading of content
  • Monthly website maintenance
  • Training a new employee of an existing client
  • Email installations and support

What do highly successful Kwikwap Consultants do differently from the not so successful Kwikwap Consultants?

  • Constant sales and marketing to keep their sales funnel as full as possible (consultants has the choice do sales themselves or make use of the pool of Kwikwap sales agents). If the consultants makes use of the sales agents, it means less upfront income because a part of the upfront fees is earned by the sales agent.
  • Full time focus on their Kwikwap Consultancies
  • Writing down weekly and monthly targets and constantly measuring actual results against it.
  • Outsourcing of the design functions (to head office) whilst learning how the business works and at the same learing advanced design tricks in the process.
  • Understanding how the various incentive schemes work and making use thereof to supplement cashflow.
  • Become proficient on subjects such as SEO and Google advertising.
  • Follow up visits to clients to ensure clients needs are being met, clients are doing their bit to achieve their targets and to ask clients for references (prospecting).

Developing your Kwikwap Consultancy

In the previous paragraph we touched on some of the things which successful Kwikwap Consultants do differently compared to the less successful Kwikwap Consultants.

But what is it really that successful Kwikwap Consultants do different to others?

There is a saying that it takes 3 years to establish any small business. Research figures show that more than two thirds of new small companies registered fail within two years of being incorporated.

Kwikwap Consultancies are small businesses subject to the same laws and influences as any other small business in South Africa , facing the same obstacles as other small businesses in South Africa. It follows that successful Kwikwap Consultants are coping with the laws and influences and overcoming business obstacles they are being faced with.

The laws referred to are not statutory laws but general laws such as:

  • Life is hard and you need to work hard to earn a living
  • Once you are surviving trough hard work, you can learn to work smarter
  • Cash flow is important to all small businesses

Keep it simple

We started with this article by referring to buzz words of the day such as business coaching and entrepreneurs but when starting out with Kwikwap it is a good idea to keep things simple.

Yes, a lot of sales activity is required when developing or growing your Kwikwap Consultancy. (No true Entrepreneur will exist without a lot of sales activity. If that puts you off then you should consider becoming a professional like a medical specialist.)

But please consider this:

What is it which you will be selling, which is unique in the industry?:

Kwikwap and Kwikwap Consultants offers:

  • Websites which works well on search engines and therefor gets result for clients
  • Websites which are affordable
  • User friendly content management system
  • Ongoing support backed by Kwikwap Head Office servicing more than 6,000 clients
  • Professional looking websites
  • SEO made understandable for dummies
  • Unlimited Pages on the website
  • Quickest turnaround in industry
  • Ongoing product development
  • Ecommerce + Industry specific modules activated at the click of a button

Yes, we do not do custom coding except for custom designs but the percentage of small businesses which we cannot fully service is less than 5% with that number coming down and often people who think our software cannot deliver being misguided as to the function of a business website.

Businesses looking for custom development will pay a lot more upfront and will have to continue to pay developers to keep their website up to speed with the latest web trends. The Kwikwap development team does that on behalf of all their clients without additional fees.

Businesses making use of custom web developers often find them in a situation where their web designer has stopped doing business with no further updates being possible or even the website hosting services being discontinued.

We offer a product in the small business sector which is in great demand:

Reliable, affordable and efficient web design that is supported by a countrywide network of people.