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How to start your own business with Kwikweb

How to start your own business with Kwikweb

Kwikwap offers people an opportunity to start their own home or office based businesses. This enterprise opportunity requires a low initial capital layout and sufficient training is offered to make this company opportunity a reality. After 10 years of people establishing their businesses around the Kwikwap software we can now precisely guide you on just how to start your own business using the Kwikwap Software.

Kwikwap is born and bred in South Africa

One of the nice elements of starting the business is that some degree of flexibility is allowed on how you start and run your enterprise.

Time of starting your business

Before proceeding further it is worth it to note that the Kwikwap business opportunity can be started at any time but that December and the month within which the Easter holidays occur are normally very quite periods and your cash flow planning when starting out should take these facts into consideration. These quite times can be used to hone your skills in the multitude of training options that Kwikwap has made available.

Examples of successful business start-ups

In this article we mention actual people and businesses who have not only successfully started their businesses but also have grown their businesses to be viable and profitable.

(You will see that they are real businesses with real people offering a much needed service to the thousands off businesses in South Africa. The Kwikwap enterprise opportunity is not a get rich quick scheme or a pyramid scheme but a simple to start, web design and hosting business opportunity.)

Have a look at what some of our current Kwikwap Business Owners in South Africa are doing.

Having the ability to deal with people from all walks of life, enjoying doing good to others and to understand the ABC of sales (Always be caring) is a key personality trait to posses when considering to start your own Kwikwap Web Design Agency.

You do require the ability to market and sell a great product. This will become easier and natural once you understand the product and just how powerful the product is. Many people who have started their own businesses using our software first joined Kwikwap as a client and after seeing actual results and understanding the power of the system then decided to take the decision to join us and start their own Kwikwap Web Design businesses.

It is a great idea when starting your enterprise or even before starting your Kwikwap business to first co-design a few websites with an existing Kwikwap Business Owner. Take the project seriously from the design to the all important content which is needed to get great SEO results. If you do not have another business or hobbies then ask a family member or friend if you can design them a website. Get actively involved in the project from start to finish including Google Webmaster registration. Once you have followed a proven recipe you will firsthand experience and see the results and “selling” will become natural. Unless you have industry experience it will be difficult when starting in the web design world to grasp just exactly how quick, easy and powerful the Kwikwap system is.

But just what is the real product which you will be selling? You will not be selling websites but a solution so many small and medium businesses in South Africa need: to increase their sales and to run their businesses more efficiently. People do not buy products but buy solutions to needs they have. Having said this, a lot of people starting their own businesses or trying to get their own enterprise out of first gear know full well that they need a website. Quite often the only limiting factor is affordability. Others who have been in company for a while already do have websites but which often becomes outdated and their webmaster is no longer in business or they have no joy in their website.

Kwikwap is the answer for all of these needs!

Kwikwap is:

  • Affordable
  • Offers ongoing support backed by a technical team and Head Office servicing 6,000+ and growing clients in South Africa already
  • Quick, Easy and Powerful:
    • A new website can be created in minutes
    • Even the older generations have no problem to master the user friendly software. You can opt for the option to manage the clients websites on their behalf
    • Clients who understand the internet and work hard get amazing results

What do you need to start your Kwikwap Business?

The short answer is that you need a Laptop or Ipad (with a desktop at home), and R2,500 in cash (for personal training). But let us look at the different divisions in any company and see what you really need to start your business:

All businesses need:

  • Capital / Investors
  • Management
  • Production
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Administration
  • Transport
  • Customer Relations
  • Employees

You can choose to be all of these yourself or in a partnership like  or employ people as is the case of to perform the different functions needed to run your business.

Let us discuss each of abovementioned business divisions and how it can be applied to the Kwikwap Business Opportunity, how to get started.

Capital / Investors

To start requires a R2, 500 joining fee. Some other Kwikwap enterprise owners will be willing to train you using the first 3 clients you recruit and then share the initial design and setup fees 50/50 in return for the training you will receive. What is great about this approach is that it is a try before you buy business opportunity. We are looking for people who do have the ability to sell more than we are looking at people who have programming or graphic design capabilities. If you are a people shy graphic designer or programmer you can still run this business successfully but not without the help of someone who will do the marketing for you.

When Buddy Web Design started out Francois first continued with contract accounting work until he realized that this business opportunity needs full time attention and dedication. You need to be aware of the business environment around you and you need to be the bloodhound who notices new businesses opening in your immediate area. You need to study local Facebook groups in your area or local newspapers as well as be the first to grab that brochure from the person busy advertising his business on street corners. Once you are trained and confident in the product you will need to be actively selling and understand what selling means.


David Gouws from Sureweb from the outset decided to employ staff to do all the work for him while he is focused on sales. Over a few short years he has expanded to employ independent sales consultants. You can be your own boss with your Kwikwap business. You decide your own working hours, your own work environment but with that luxury comes the responsibility that you write your own paycheck


In order to produce a website the following is needed (coupled with additional income earning possibilities for you in brackets) :

  • Website text (Website copy writing)
  • Photographs (Website company photography)
  • Logo’s or banners (Graphic Design)
  • Buttons if required (Graphic Design)
  • Programming ( Provided by Kwikwap Software)
  • CSS Stylesheet manipulation (HTML) to enhance Look and Feel (Custom Web Design available from other in-house specialists)


Butterbee Solutions ( also provides great graphic designs services to the public. Before joining Kwikwap she already was a successful graphic designer which afforded her the opportunity to ease into this enterprise opportunity. Other business owners or service providers who should be able to very easily ease into this company opportunity are writers who have an understanding of SEO (Search Engines Optimisation) and professional photographers. Web design should simply be an additional product to offer. People who own and operate printing shops or internet cafes would also find it easy to get going in the world of web design with a constant stream of start up businesses or small businesses already visiting the businesses on a daily basis.

Tip : When starting out your Kwikwap Web Design Business find out from local printing shops or internet cafés if they would like to consider “partnering” with you on a commission basis. Printing shops are the first to know when a new business opens and money is spend on marketing. They also will know if the business have a website or if the business owners use a hotmail or Gmail account instead.

The Kwikwap Software has improved so much over the years with web design clients having many templates to choose from that not much design skills are needed to design a great looking website.

Without actively advertising it Buddy Web Design outsources almost all of their web design work to Sureweb at R1,200 per website. The normal website is offered at R2,499 with the optional custom website offered at R3,999.In a sense it offers an “escape clause” when clients get too difficult with design issues.

You should play or work your business around your individual strengths. Buddy Web Design enjoys training people and teaching them about SEO. They can do the more complex designs themselves but find it time consuming and your mind gets locked in a world that is not suited for sales


Your Kwikwap Franchise Principal is responsible for collecting your client’s monthly hosting fees via a debit order system. The administration of your Web Design Company and the treatment of expenses in calculating your taxable income is no different than any other small business owner.


You will need a reliable vehicle to start this business opportunity. Some people build websites for people online without ever meeting them so in theory you will be able to run this business without having your own vehicle but places like Facebook are already flooded with people offering web design services. But do not ignore the power of sharing your work with family and friends on Facebook. That’s a great way of telling people you know about your new enterprise.

But perhaps the more important lesson to learn is that you must be careful when starting out that you make an appointed with a not sold client as you will find out that people forget about appointments or perhaps sometimes say yes for a demo only to get information and not to buy. You might end up losing 4 hours driving to a potential client and back without earning a cent. As you get more experienced you will get better at making these judgment calls.

Customer relations

Ensuring your clients are always happy and able to get hold of you is vital to start your business and to grow it quickly. Word of mouth is still the best way to get new business. It is not strange to see one very happy client referring 3 clients to you almost immediately after getting a website from you. Sometimes you will even finish the referral before finishing the website for the referring client.

Remember to ask your clients if they know about someone who might be interested in getting a website. Even ask the business owners who say no if they know someone who might be interested in getting a website. It is called prospecting and is an extremely important daily task of any sales person who is worth his salt.


You can choose to run this enterprise 100% on your own but you will have to perform all of the business functions yourself. Or you can start by employing or partnering with someone who will do the sales for you or even the designs. If you do have the capital and the desire to grow then you can follow the Sureweb model and employ people to perform the various functions on your behalf. You will need to be an experienced business person to be able to work with staff and to manage a cash flow budget.

Buddy Web Design has successfully appointed a professional sales representative who daily finds new business for them. The initial design fees are shared with the sales representative. By having people focus on their strengths and specialties the client base can be grown quicker and the recurring monthly revenue – see calculator can be grown quicker. That’s the biggest strength of this business opportunity. The recurring revenue becomes semi passive if clients are trained properly and if clients are getting the desired results.

Marketing and Sales

All the marketing and sales principles for any business apply equally to this company opportunity. You need to have your own websites. You need to develop your own website. You need to market your website via other means than search engines. You seriously need to consider advertising with Google to get clients as it is the shortest and most direct route to get new clients. It does cost money but if you understand that it brings you in income which would have otherwise not existed then you will understand that only an initial outlay will be required. Getting clients for web design via search engines is probably the most time consuming and therefore most expensive means of getting in new business. That is if you plan to appear on page 1 of Google for web design services. (It can be done when you understand SEO)

Perhaps the most important part of Marketing and Sales is that you need to understand that you will be selling a product to people looking to fill their need for marketing and sales. You will be operating in a marketing and sales environment. You need to stay up to date in the marketing and sales world. It would do you good to read at least 1 self improvement or sales book per month if you will be doing the sales yourself.

Selling most definite is a skill that needs to be learned.


Kwikwap is not an expensive company to start. You can start from day 1 to earn money. It is not a difficult business to understand. Study the websites of the people who have been mentioned here as an example.

In particular you might find the following link on the website of Buddy Web Design useful. Website Marketing Guide. You will find some great advice on how SEO works.

The product and selling of the product might sound complicated but it is not.

You will find that sometimes it is easy to simply ask a enterprise owner:

Do you want a website? Are you happy with your current website? Are you able to change the website quickly and easily yourself? (Please note that some web design clients prefer that you do it all for them.) Once again it is about meeting the needs of the business owner.

In most cases business owners are concerned about results, concerned about their time and money. (Money and time is the same thing for business owners and no different to this business opportunity.)

I hope this article has shown you that Kwikwap offers not only a company opportunity but also a career. As more and more people get online and get their websites, the competition for results (appearing on page 1 of Google and converting website visitors into buying customers) will increase. You will need to grow into a SEO expert, someone who understands the internet and search engines. With this will come the opportunity to sell your clients solutions such as website copy writing or even Social Media Marketing services. If this sounds too daunting at first do not stress. Somewhere in the Kwikwap family there will be someone to outsource certain specialist functions while you are busy learning the ropes.

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